The Roaring Fork Schools are committed to high-quality, two-way communication with its many stakeholders. We continuously work to improve our communications at both the district and school levels. The district utilizes many strategies to share and receive information to support productive communication. We want to hear from and be able to engage with our stakeholders with the goal of continuous improvement for our schools.

For more information regarding the district's communications, please review the district's 2017-20 Communications Plan, or contact our Public Information Officer, Kelsy Been, at 970.384.6004 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication Practices

How can I learn what’s happening at the the Roaring Fork Schools?

Learn what’s happening, including upcoming events: The district utilizes several channels to share information, including:

  • the monthly parent newsletter (click here to sign up),
  • the biweekly staff newsletter,
  • our websites (for the district as a whole and for each Roaring Fork school),
  • social media on Facebook,
  • press releases, and,
  • direct parent communications on urgent or high-importance issues (including emails, text messages, print communications, automated calling, and more. To set your communication preferences, log into the Parent Portal and click on contact preferences).

Ask a question: If these sources do not answer your question, you’re always welcome to give us a call. Any school-related questions should be directed to your school’s front office (bilingual staff are available in all schools). For district-wide questions, you can reach out to our district office manager at 970.384.6004. She’s bilingual and happy to find answers or connect you to the right person.

The district utilizes several forums and tools to create opportunities for two-way communication, including:

  • an informal monthly coffee chat in each community with the superintendent -- all are welcome (see more info below);
  • staff social hour for relationship building and idea sharing -- all Roaring Fork Schools staff members are welcome (we hope you’ll attend! upcoming dates and locations are shared in the staff newsletter);
  • regular family engagement practices, such as home visits, school celebrations, information nights, and,
  • parent, student, staff, and community member surveys on issues of importance (recent topics include the calendar, family and school relations, and crew).


How can I share an idea, concern, complaint, or appreciation?

Share a concern or complaint: If you have an issue related to a specific staff member, program, or school, the best way to get your concern addressed quickly is to contact the individual most directly related to the issue. Our school hours vary by location, but generally run from 7:30am to 4pm. If your concern affects all students in the district, or if it was not solved by a school leader, you can reach out to our district office manager at 970.384.6001, who will connect you to the best person to address your need. Our district office is open weekdays throughout the year from 7:30am to 5pm.

You can always reach out to a board member about a concern, but it is important to know that board members are charged with governance, while district leadership is charged with operations. Per our Public Concerns and Complaints policy (KE) the proper channeling of concerns involving instruction, discipline, or learning materials is: teacher, then principal, then superintendent, then Board of Education. Any concern about school personnel must go through the proper administrative channels first before the board can consider it for action.

Share an idea: Superintendent Rob Stein hosts coffee chats in a different community each month to engage parents and community members in conversation about the district. Rob is always eager to hear from the community; engage with ideas, questions, suggestions; or talk about the district or education in general. You can see upcoming dates and locations on the district’s events calendar here. You can also reach out directly to our schools, to the district office, or to your representative board member (see here for a list of members and their districts).

Share appreciation or celebrate accomplishments: We really value the parents, community members, and organizational partners who take time to share appreciations of our staff members and to celebrate students’ accomplishments. You can submit an appreciation for a staff member, team, or school here. We typically post these applause-worthy moments in our school and district newsletters, and on our Facebook pages. We also send out staff kudos each month in our staff newsletter. If you’d like to share something directly with us about our staff, students, or schools, feel free to email our Public Information Office Kelsy Been at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How can I share noncurricular information through school communication channels?

Policy KHC regarding the distribution/posting of noncurricular materials defines the parameters applicable to the distribution or posting of noncurricular materials on district property or using district communication channels in a manner that does not disrupt the district’s educational programs nor interfere with the district’s mission. Community members can make a communications request that the Roaring Fork Schools distribute/post acceptable noncurricular materials using the community communications request process. The distribution of acceptable noncurricular materials through district channels will be prioritized as follows and fulfilled depending on staff capacity:

  1. Upcoming events, information, or opportunities that are aligned with or support the district’s mission.
  2. Upcoming events, information, or opportunities that are relevant to and/or are of high interest to all of or a majority of our staff, student, and/or parent audiences.  
  3. Upcoming events, information, or opportunities relevant to and/or are of interest to a particular community or a particular school, program, student, or staff audience.

See the policy and request process for more information. 


How can I influence or participate in program or policy decisions?

Influence school and district program and policy decisions: Our administration and board members value parent voice in decision-making and governance and have several formal channels through which parents can provide input. The Superintendent Advisory Committee and District Advisory Committee both hold meetings throughout the district and recruit parent, staff, and community member participants. Additionally, each school has a parent accountability group that invites parent feedback and discusses school-level matters.

The district surveys parents from all schools on specific policy and program decisions as needed. Parent and staff surveys are an especially important way for us to learn about what parents and staff members think, where we have strengths and weaknesses, and where we need to make changes.

Every two years, seats on the Board of Education are open for election--any parent or community member who lives in an open director district area can run for a seat. More information on joining the board can be found on our board webpage.

Communications Norms

The Roaring Fork Schools are committed to positive and effective communications that keep the public informed about the policies, administrative operations, objectives, and educational programs of the schools (per Policy KD). The district adheres to the following communication norms to support positive, effective communications:

  • Professionalism: All staff members commit to speaking as professionals and are expected to be treated as professionals.
  • Respect: Communications to and from staff shall be respectful. Staff will not issue or tolerate communications that are inappropriate, accusatory, derogatory, or contain personal attacks or vulgar language.
  • Confidentiality: Individual confidentiality will always be respected. Anonymous communications are discouraged because they are difficult to act on and because they can breed mistrust. Our strategic goal is to have effective two-way communication, which is not possible with anonymous communications.
  • Timeliness: All staff members shall respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
Social media

The district’s Staff Use of Social Media policy establishes that the following types of comments will be deleted from all school administered social media pages:

  • Contain vulgar language
  • Involve personal attacks of any kind
  • Include offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial or religious groups
  • Are spam or include links to other non-relevant sites
  • Are off topic
  • Advocate illegal activity
  • Promote particular services, products, or political organizations
  • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks                                                        
  • Use personally identifiable information         

While social media use is an important tool to quickly communicate and share information with a broad audience, the Roaring Fork Schools does not conduct business via social media. Given staff’s limited capacity, monitoring and responding to social media comments is not a productive form of two-way communication.

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