The Roaring Fork Schools support students with medical concerns participating in field trips and off-site learning activities. To support the safety of all students, staff will adhere to the following Colorado Department of Education requirements:

  • All medications (prescription, holistic, and over-the-counter) require a medical provider’s order, parent’s permission, and school nurse verification.
  • All medications (prescription, over the counter, and holistic) must be accounted for during school activities.
  • If your child needs any medication during a school outing, and they do not already have a health care plan on file at school, a “Permission for Medication” form must be completed and signed by your child’s primary care provider.
  • Prescription medications must be provided in a pharmacy bottle with a pharmacy label (provided at no cost by your pharmacy).
  • Over the counter medications must be in the original container, labeled with your child’s name and date of birth.
  • School staff will only accept the required number of doses your child needs for the trip (+ one dose is acceptable).
  • Please make self-carry arrangements with your district nurse at least one week before the event.

Additional information can be obtained at the Colorado Department of Education Health and Wellness Page at

Please reach out to your school’s health office staff with any questions.

District Nurse Team: Yvette Blanc, RN BSN & Chloe Couvreux, RN BSN


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